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The Campaign

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The Wistar Institute, America’s first independent biomedical research facility, has always been at the vanguard of discovery. Our researchers have unraveled some of science’s great mysteries, mapped genes, and deciphered the roles of proteins and enzymes. This new knowledge has paved the way for clinical trials, developed vaccines, changed medical practice, and saved and improved millions of lives. Driven by the need to know more, we continue to break new ground in genetics, vaccines, and cancer research.

At the same time, Wistar faces basic needs: more space, cutting-edge facilities, and the capacity to build larger teams of scientists.  To address these challenges and realize our potential, The Wistar Institute is proud to announce the $35 million Building Wistar, Changing the World Campaign, which will:

  • Build a seven-story research tower that will fuel our engine of discovery for decades to come.

  • Boost our bench strength and foster more opportunities for Wistar’s brand of collaborative science by adding innovative new open-plan laboratories.

  • Expand and diversify our expertise by retaining outstanding scientists and recruiting the best talent in emerging fields.

  • Ensure the future financial stability of the Institute.

The campaign benefits from the careful planning and innovative thinking that mark all of our life-changing work.

Our first major building project in 35 years becomes our opportunity—and yours—to accelerate discovery, launch the next generation of Wistar breakthroughs and, above all, invest in the welfare of humankind.