Nikon Small World Exhibition

 Nikon Small World Exhibition

Nikon Small World Exhibition

Friday, January 15, 2016 - 5:30pm

Opening Night Reception

This year's opening night reception will begin at 5:30 PM on January 15, 2016. Talks begin at 6 PM and the event will conclude at 7 PM.

If you are unable to attend the opening reception, the Nikon Small World Exhibit is on view to the public from January 19–March 4, M–F, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

The Wistar Institute
3601 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA

The Wistar Institute Leadership Council invites you to join them for the opening reception.


Discover the beauty and complexity of life as seen through today’s advanced microscopes. The exhibit of winning images from Nikon’s 2015 Small World photography contest gives you a glimpse into a world that most have never seen – the intersection of art and science as viewed through the lens of a microscope.

This is Wistar's 13th year of hosting the Nikon Small World Exhibit in the Philadelphia region. We are the only regional host for this exhibit.

Each year we are happy to provide an opportunity for people to enjoy the intersection of science and art with a free opening night reception.

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The Leadership Council is a group of volunteers committed to improving public health through biomedical research. Members support the Institute’s mission through philanthropy, community engagement, and resource development.

Max Berger, Co-Chair
Donna F. Weinraub, CPCU, ARM, Co-Chair
Mary E. Bak
Jennifer Bellis
Marla Conley, Esq.
Kenneth J. Davis, Esq.
Michael DeThomas
Keith Gaspard
Bruce A. Gillespie 
Merle Gilmore
Carrie Gish
Joseph F. Grusemeyer
Scott H. Herbert, M.D.
Liza Herzog
Larry Hollin
Rick Horowitz
Carol G. Huff
Sharon Tobin Kestenbaum
Zachary Klehr
James C. Li
Michelle Mayer
Jennifer Mendel
Patrick M. Oates, Ph.D.
Elizabeth A. Pesce
Edward Piscopo
Ellen Riccobene, M.D.
Eric Rugart
Edward J. Ryan
Jim Schaeffer
David Shuey
Evan Solomon
Lynsie Solomon
Alex Stanbach
Greg Stanbach
James D. Troyer, CFA
Paul N. Urick, R.Ph.
Dr. Aubrey Watkins III
Bryan Weingarten
Jeremiah J. White, Jr.
James Wistar
Craig F. Zappetti