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Cancer Biology Graduate Program

The cancer biology graduate degree program—jointly administered by The Wistar Institute and University of the Sciences (USciences)—trains individuals with outstanding potential for a successful academic or industrial career in cancer biology and drug development.

This comprehensive, integrated cancer biology graduate program is centered on the involvement of Wistar faculty and USciences faculty and provides an inclusive, broad-based graduate educational venue that complements and expands existing opportunities for cancer training in the greater Philadelphia area. Successful candidates will be granted a Ph.D. in cancer biology from University of the Sciences.

This integrated program provides a learning experience like no other:

1. The program fills a regional gap in specific training in cancer biology, including cutting-edge strategies in translational aspects, such as cancer prevention and therapy.

2. The program emphasizes the process of drug discovery, including hands-on training at the Molecular Screening and Protein Expression Facility.

3. Together with lectures about intellectual property and commercialization, the curriculum equips students to succeed in a multidisciplinary environment as both hypothesis-driven academic cancer researchers and industrial or academic discoverers.

The program is open to students who meet the following criteria:

* Minimum of a baccalaureate degree in biology, biochemistry, or related field
* Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.5/4.0 in most recent science-related degree
* GRE General Test scores demonstrating an average of 60th percentile or higher
* TOEFL iBT score of at least 100/120 (international applicants only)
* Two semester-long, upper-division (junior- or senior-level) classes with laboratory experience (equivalence of 6 credits at the 300–400 level at USciences) in at least two of the following areas:

  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Genetics
  • Cellular biology

As a student in the cancer biology program, you will participate in courses at USciences and The Wistar Institute and engage in hands-on training at the Molecular Screening Facility.

You will be trained for success in both an academic and an industrial setting, taking advantage of the tradition of academic excellence and history of discoveries at The Wistar Institute, as well as USciences' successful record of training students for prominent industrial positions at pharmaceutical companies in the region.

Information regarding curriculum and application procedures can be accessed through the USciences website.  Questions relating to Wistar Institute courses and laboratory rotations should be directed to the office of the Dean of Biomedical Studies (

The Wistar Institute gratefully acknowledges generous support for the Cancer Biology Graduate Program from the Cigna Foundation, the Scholler Foundation, and the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation.