Areas You Can Support

As a donor to Wistar, you can support everything from specific research areas to Wistar's robust training program, endowments for internationally renowned scientists, women in science, and the newly created Wistar Science Discovery Fund.


Research Areas

Wistar has a rich history of achievements in scientific discovery that has led to the creation of critical vaccines that has saved countless lives. The Institute’s new discoveries are leading the way in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of numerous diseases including melanoma, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, HIV, Zika and other global infectious diseases. Learn more about all of the diseases being studied at Wistar every single day.

Training Programs

A dedication to education and training has always been central to The Wistar Institute's mission. The original deed of trust establishing the Institute sets as one of the new organization's primary goals that it works for "the increase of original scientific knowledge" in biology, as well as, human, comparative, and pathological anatomy and those subjects "kindred to them." The identification of this goal relates to another important aim, that "the object of the laboratories" of the Institute "shall be for the improvement and research of postgraduate or advanced students." Training programs for undergraduate and high school students have also been established at the Institute.


Whether you are a longtime partner or new to The Wistar Institute, we welcome you. Partnering with The Wistar Institute is one of the soundest investments you can make to advance biomedical research and potentially groundbreaking discoveries in cancer, vaccines and immunology.

Women & Science

The Women & Science program at The Wistar Institute spotlights how basic and clinical research work together to improve women’s health.
Wistar’s Women & Science program features the contributions of women scientists and raises funds to promote their work.
Program features include Wistar scientists and renowned guest researcher’s discussing topics such as cancer, aging, vaccines, immune disorders and allergies, HIV, and infectious diseases, all in an approachable way for a non-scientific audience.

Wistar Science Discovery Fund

At Wistar, we encourage our donors to join us as partners and to become an integrated part of solving the scientific puzzles that we are working on. The donor-advised WSDF allows philanthropists to join our researchers in trying to solve the issues that most interest them.