Research Areas

Gifts may be made to advance Wistar’s scientific investigation in general or in specific research areas. Wistar scientists investigate a variety of health problems afflicting humankind. Their work offers fundamental insights into the mechanisms of health and disease while opening avenues toward more effective therapies.

The following examples illustrate the broad range of health conditions under study at Wistar today, although the list is not all encompassing.

Age-Related Disorders – cancer- prostate cancer, breast cancer, melanoma

Blood Disorders - leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma

Cancer - breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancers, ovarian cancers, brain tumors, gliomas, melanoma, rare cancers, lymphoma, design of chemotherapies and cancer vaccines

Infectious Diseases & Diseases of the Developing World - AIDS, CHIKV, Zika virus, Flu, Rabies, HPV

Immune-related disorders - inflammation, cancer immunology, autoimmune disorders

Metabolic Diseases - type I and II diabetes

Neurological Disease - brain metastases, glioma

Skin Diseases - melanoma and other skin cancers

Women's Health Concerns - breast and ovarian cancer, autoimmune conditions, osteoporosis

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