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The Facility is equipped for cell culture and molecular biology with:

• Zeiss Axiovert 10 phase-contrast microscope

• 2 class II type laminar flow hoods

• 2 x 25 cu. ft upright incubators (27°C) with multi-position magnetic stirrers designated for insect cell culturing and baculovirus infection of insect cells in spinner flasks

• Floor model ThermoForma refrigerated environmental shaker with capacity for 12 x 2L flasks

• 2 dual-chamber CO2 incubators

• Sorval legend Mach1.6R and Beckman CS-6R low speed bench-top centrifuge

• AKTA purifier FPLC

• Branson 450 sonicator

• 2 x -80°C freezers

The Facility is also well equipped with standard laboratory equipment, including micro-centrifuges, PCR machines, water baths, microwave, refrigirators & freezers, gel electrophoresis units, balances, pH meter, conductivity meter, water purification system and standard supplies for conventional and affinity chromatography approaches to purify recombinant proteins from either bacteria or insect cells.

In addition, the Facility has access to an adjacent common use equipment, including a GE Healthcare Typhoon imager, environmental shakers, Sorvall RC-5B high speed centrifuge and rotors, Beckman XL ultracentrifuge and rotors, GE ImageQuant LAS4000 gel documentation system.