Publications 2002

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Publications: 2002

1 - Li, G, Satyamoorthy, K, Herlyn, M: Dynamics of cell interactions and communications during melanoma development. Critical Rev. Oral Biol. Med. 13, 62-70, 2002. (R) PDF version available

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5 - Li, G, Schaider, H, Satyamoorthy, K, Hanakawa, Y, Hashimoto, K, Herlyn, M: Downregulation of E-cadherin and desmoglein 1 by hepatocyte growth factor during melanoma development. Oncogene 20, 8125-8135, 2002. PDF version available

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21 - Sturm, RA, Satyamoorthy, K, Meier, F Gardiner, B.B., Vaidya, B, Herlyn, M: Osteonectin/SPARC induction by ectopic expression of ß3 integrin in human radial growth phase melanoma cells. Cancer Res. 62: 226-232, 2002.      PDF version available

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