Publications 2003

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Publications: 2003

1 - Schaider, H.,* Oka ,* M., Bogenrieder, T., Nesbit, M., Satyamoorthy, K., Berking, C., Matsushima, K., and Herlyn, M. Differential response of primary and metastatic melanomas to neutrophils attracted by IL-8. Int. J. Cancer 103: 335-43, 2003.* Equal contribution.      PDF version available

2 - Gruss, C.J., Satyamoorthy, K., Berking, C., Lininger, J., Nesbit, M., Schaider, H., Liu, Z-J., Oka, M., Hsu, M-Y., Shirakawa, T., Li, G., Bogenrieder, T., Carmeliet, P., El-Deiry, W.S., Eck, S.L., Rao, J.S., Baker, A.H., Bennett, J.T., Crombleholme, T.M., Velazquez, O., Karmacharya, J., Margolis, D.J., Wilson, J.M., Detmar, M., Skobe, M., Robbins, P.D., Buck, C., and Herlyn, M. Stroma formation and angiogenesis by induced expression of growth factors, cytokines, and proteolytic enzymes in human skin grafted to SCID mice. J. Invest. Derm. 120: 683-692, 2003.   PDF version available

3 - Meier, F., Caroli, U., Satyamoorthy, K., Schittek, B., Bauer, J., Berking, C., Möller, H., Maczey, E., Rassner, G., Herlyn, M., and Garbe, C. Basic fibroblast growth factor but not Mel-CAM and/or 3 integrin promotes progression of melanocytes to melanoma. Exp. Dermatol. 12: 296-306, 2003.   PDF version available

4 - Velazquez, O., and Herlyn, M. The vascular phenotype of melanoma metastasis. Clin. Exp. Met. 20: 229-235, 2003. (R).     PDF version available

5 - Li, G., Meier, F., Berking, C., Satyamoorthy, K., Bogenrieder, T., and Herlyn, M. Function and regulation of melanoma-stromal fibroblast interactions: when seeds meet soil. Oncogene 22: 3162-3171, 2003.   PDF version available

6 - Zhang, H., Satyamoorthy, K., Herlyn, M., and Rosdahl, I. All-trans retinoic acid differentially induces apoptosis in primary and metastatic melanoma cells. Carcinogenesis 24: 185-191, 2003.      PDf version available

7 - Liu, Z-J., Shirakawa, T., Li, Y., Souma, A., Fairman, R., Velazquez, O.C., and Herlyn, M. Regulation of notch1 and dll4 by vascular endothelial growth factor in arterial endothelial cells: implications for modulating arteriogenesis and angiogenesis. Mol. Cell Biol. 23: 14-25, 2003.     PDF version available

8 - Satyamoorthy, K., and Herlyn, M. p16INK4A and familial melanoma. Methods Mol. Biol. 222: 185-195, 2003.

9 - Andl, C., Nakagawa, H., Mizushima, T., Oyama, K., Harada, H., Chruma, Herlyn, M., and Rustgi, A.K. Epidermal growth factor receptor mediates increased cell proliferation, migration and aggregation in esophageal keratinocytes in vitro and in vivo. J. Biol. Chem. 278: 1824-1830, 2003.     PDF version available

10 - Satyamoorthy, K.,* Li, G.,* Gerrero, M.R., Brose, M.R., Volpe, P., Weber, B.L., Van Belle, P.A., Elder, D.E., and Herlyn, M. Constitutive mitogen-activated protein kinase activation in melanoma by both BRAF mutations and autocrine growth factor stimulation. Cancer Res. 63: 756-759, 2003. Equal contribution.     PDF version available

11 - Marinocola, F.M., Wang, E., Herlyn, M., Seliger, B., and Ferrone S. Tumors as elusive targets for immunotherapy. Trends Immunol., 23 : 334-341, 2003 .     PDF version available

12 - Kalabis, J., Patterson, M.J., Gimotty, P., Enders, G.H., Marian, B., Iozzo, R.V., Rogler, G., and Herlyn, M. Stimulation of human colonic epithelial cells by leukemia inhibitory factor is dependent on collagen-embedded fibroblasts in organotypic culture. FASEB J., Published on-line April 8, 2003 .     PDF version available

13 - Li, G., Kalabis, J., Xu, X., Meier, F., Oka , M., Bogenrieder, T., Herlyn, M. Reciprocal regulation of MelCAM and AKT in melanoma. Oncogene 22: 6891-6899, 2003.    PDF version available

14 - Cook, LA, Donatien, PD, Smith AG, Murphy, M,Jones, M, Herlyn, M, Bennet, DC, Leonard, JH, Sturm, RA: Human melanoblasts in culture: Expression of Brn-2/POU3F2 and synergistic regulation of FGF2, SCF and ET3. J. Invest. Dermatol., 121: 1150-1159, 2003.   PDF version available

15 - Liu, Z.J., Souma, A., Snyder, R., Fairman, R.M., Herlyn, M., and Velazquez, O. ß3 intergin-mediated vascular network formation is VEGF induced and involves the RAS and PI3 kinase signalling pathways. FASEB J. 17: 1931-1933, 2003. PDF version available

16 - Bogenrieder, T, Elder, D.E., Herlyn, M. Molecular and cellular biology. In: Cutaneous Melanoma, 4th edition, C. Balch, ed., Quality Medical Publ., St Louis, MO, pp. 713-751, 2003 (R).

17 - Bogenrieder, T. and Herlyn, M.: Axis of evil: Molecular mechanisms of cancer metastasis. Oncogene 42: 6524-6536, 2003 (R).   PDF version available

18 - Song, J.H., Song, D.K., Herlyn, M., Petruk, K.C., and Hao, C: Cisplatin down-regulation of cellular Fas-associated death domain-like interleukin-1ß-converting enzyme-like inhibitory proteins to restore tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand-induced apoptosis in human melanoma cells. Clin. Cancer Res. 9: 4255-4266, 2003.    PDF version available

19 - Tuveson, D. A., Weber, B.L., and Herlyn, M.: BRAF as a potential therapeutic target in melanoma and other malignancies. Cancer Cell 4:95-8, 2003 (R).   PDF version available

20 - Liu, Z-J and Herlyn, M.: Slit-Robo: Neuronal guides signal tumor angiogenesis. Cancer Cell 4: 1-2, 2003 (R).    PDF version available

21 - Hingorani, S.R., Jacobetz, M.A., Robertson, G., Herlyn, M., Tuveson, D.: Suppression of BRAFv599e in human melanoma abrogates transformation. Cancer Res. 63: 5198-5202, 2003.    PDF version available

22 - Hirst, C.J., Herlyn, M., Cattini, P.A., Kardami, E: High levels of CUG-initiated FGF-2 expression cause chromatincompaction, decreased cardiomyocyte mitosis, and cell death. Mol Cell Biochem. 246: 111-116, 2003.     PDF version available

24 - Smalley, K.S., and Herlyn, M. The great escape: Another way for melanoma to leave physiological control? J. Invest. Dermatol. 121: ix, 2003 (R). PDF version available

24 - Herlyn, M., and Guerry, D IV. Meeting Report: First International Melanoma Research Congress. Cancer Biol. Therapy: 2:721-724, 2003. (R)    PDF version available