Publications 2008

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Publications: 2008

1 - Kalabis J, Oyama K, Okawa T, Nakagawa H, Michaylira CZ, Stairs DB, Figueiredo JL, Mahmood U, Diehl JA, Herlyn M, Rustgi AK. A subpopulation of mouse esophageal basal cells has properties of stem cells with the capacity for self-renewal and lineage specification. J Clin Invest. 2008 Dec;118(12):3860-9. doi: 10.1172/JCI35012. PMID 19033657 PDF

2 - Harada H, Nakagawa H, Takaoka M, Lee J, Herlyn M, Diehl JA, Rustgi AK. Cleavage of MCM2 licensing protein fosters senescence in human keratinocytes. Cell Cycle. 2008 Nov 15;7(22):3534-8. PMID 19001876 PDF

3 - Villanueva J, Herlyn M. Melanoma and the tumor microenvironment. Curr Oncol Rep. 2008 Sep;10(5):439-46. Review. PMID 18706274 PDF

4 - Kalabis, J., Li, G., Fukunaga-Kalabis, M., Rustgi, A., Herlyn, M: Endothelin-3 stimulates survival of goblet cells in organotypic cultures of human colonic epithelium. Am. J Physiol - GI Liver Physiol., Dec;295(6):1182-9, 2008. PMID18832450 PDF

5 - Smalley, K.S.M., Contractor, R., Nguyen, T.K., Xiao, M., Medinca, A., Edwards, R., Muthusamy, V., King, A.J., Flaherty, K.T., Bosenberg, M., Herlyn, M., Nathanson, K.L.: Identification of a novel sub-group of melanomas with kit/cyclin-dependent kinase-4 overexpression. Cancer Res. 68: 5743-5752, 2008. PMID1863262 PDF

6 - Smalley, K.S.M., Lioni, M., Palma, M.D., Xiao, M., Desai, B., Eghazi, S., Hansson, J., W, H., King, A.J., Flaherty, K.T., Herlyn, M., Nathanson, K.L.: Cyclin D1 mediates BRAF inhibitor resistance in a sub-set of BRAF-V600E mutated melanomas. Molec. Can. Ther: 7: 2876-2883, 2008. PMID18790768 PDF

7 - Lioni, M., Noma, K, Snyder, A., Rustgi, A., Diehl, J.A. , Herlyn, M., Smalley, K.: Bortezomib-induced cellular stress via the p38 MAPK pathway leads to a DNA damage response and apoptosis in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cells. Molec. Cancer Ther:7: 2866-2875, 2008. PMID18790767 PDF

8 - Smalley, K.S.M., Xiao, M., Villanueva, J., Nguyen, T.K., Flaherty, K.T., Letrero, R., Nathanson, K.L., Herlyn, M.: CRAF inhibition induces Bcl-2 dependent apoptosis in melanomas with non V600E BRAF mutations. Oncogene, [Epub ahead of print] Sept. 15, 2008. PMID18794803 PDF

9 - Zabierowski, S.E., and Herlyn, M.: Melanoma stem cells: the dark seed of melanoma. J Clin. Oncol.: 26:2890-2894, 2008, PMID 18539969 PDF

10 - Fukunaga-Kalabis, M., et al., Downregulation of CCN3  expression as a potential mechanism for melanoma progression.  Oncogene, 2008. 27(18): p. 2552-60. PMID 17968313 PDF

11 - Noma, K., et al., The essential role of fibroblasts in  esophageal squamous cell carcinoma-induced angiogenesis.  Gastroenterology, 2008. 134(7): p. 1981-93. PMID 18439605 PDF   

12 - Maksimoska, J., Williams, D.S., Atilla-Gokcumen, G.E., Smalley,  K.S.M., Carroll, P. J., Webster, R. D., Filippakopoulos, P., Knapp,  S., Herlyn, M., Meggers, E.: Isostructural ruthenium and osmium  complexes display highly similar bioactivities. Chemistry 14:  4816-4822, 2008. PMID 18425743 PDF

13 - Alfano, R.W., Leppla, S.H., Liu, S., Bugge, T.H., Herlyn, M. Smalley, K.S., Duesberg, N.S., Houghton, A., Frankel, A.E.: Cytotoxicity of the engineered matrix metalloproteinase-activated anthrax lethal toxin is dependent on gelatinase expression and B-RAF status in human melanoma cells. Molec. Cancer Therap. 8: 1218-1226, 2008. PMID 18483309 PDF

14 - Xie, P., Williams, D.S., Atilla Gokumen, G.E., Milk, L., Xiao, M., smalley, K.S., Herlyn, M., Meggers, E., Marmorstein, R.: Structure- based design of an organoruthenium phosphotidyl-inositol-3-kinase inhibitor revieals a switch governing lipid kinase potency and selectivity. ACS Chem. Biol. 3: 305-316, 2008. PMID 18484710 PDF

15 - Basu, D., Herlyn, M.: Salmonella Typhimurium and a novel RNA interference vector for cancer gene therapy. Cancer Biol. Therap. 7: 151-152. 2008. PMID 18347415 PDF

16 - Lee. J. T., Brafford, P., Herlyn, M.: Unreveling the mysteries of IGF-1 signaling in melanoma. J. Invest. Dermatol. 128: 1358-1360, 2008. PMID 18478012 PDF

17 - Zabierowski, SE, Herlyn, M. Learning the ABC’s of Melanoma-Initaiting Cells. Cancer Cell. Mar; 13(3): 185-187, 2008. PMID 18328422 PDF

18 - Haass, N.K., Sproesser, K., Nguyen, T.K., Contractor, R., Medina, C. A., Nathanson, K. L., Herlyn, M., Smalley, K. S. M.: The Mitogen-Activated Protein/Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase Inhibitor AZD6244 (ARRY-142886) induces growth arrest in melanoma cells and tumor regression when combined with docetaxel. Clin Cancer Res. 14(1), 230-239, 2008. PMID 18172275 PDF

19 - Smalley, KS, Lioni, M, Noma, K, Haass, N.K., Herlyn, M. In vitro three-dimentional tumor microenvironment models for anticancer drug discovery. Expert Opinion Drug Discov. 3, 1-20, 2008. PDF

20 - Han, M.-J., Herlyn, M., Fisher, A.B. Speicher, D. W.: Microscale solution IEF combined with 2-D DIGE substantially enhances analysis depth of complex proteomes such as mammalian cell and tissue extracts. Electrophoresis, 29: 695-705, 2008. PMID 18186533 PDF
21 - Gordon, A., Kozin, E.D., Keswani, S.G., Vaikunth, S.S., Katz, A.B., Zoltick, P.W., Favata, M., Radu, A.P., Soslowsky, L.J., Herlyn, M., Crombleholme, T.M.: Permissive environment in postnatal wounds by adenoviral-mediated overexpression of the anti-inflammatroy cytokine interleukin-10 prevents scar formation. Wound Repair Regen. 16(1): 70-79, 2008. PMID 18086289 PDF

22 - Sigalotti L, Covre A, Zabierowski, S, Himes B, Colizzi F, Natali PG, Herlyn M, Maio M. Cancer testis antigens in human melanoma stem cells; Expression, distribution, and methylation status.  J Cell Physiol. May: 215(2): 287-291, 2008. PMID 18205182 PDF

23 - Lin WM, Baker, AC, Beroukhim R, Winckler W, Feng W, Marmion JM, Laine E, Greulich H, Tseng H, Gates C, Hodi FS, Dranoff G, Sellers WR, Thomas RK, Meyerson M, Golub TR, Dummer R, Herlyn M, Getz G, Garraway LA. Modeling genomic diversity and tumor dependency in malignant melanoma. Cancer Res. 68(3): 664-673, 2008. PMID 18245465 PDF

24 - Tsai, J., Lee, J.T., Wang, W. Zhang, J., Cho, H., Mamo, S., Bremer, R., Gilette, S., Kong, J., Haass, N.K., Sproesser, K., Li, L., Smalley, K.S.M., Fong, D., Zhu, Y-L., Marimuthu, A., Nguyen, H., Lam, B., Liu, J., Cheung, I., Rice, J., Suzuki, Y., Luu, C., Settachatgul, C., Shellooe, R., Cantwell, J., Kim, S-H, Schlessinger, J., Zhang, K.Y.J., West, B., Powell, B., Habets, G., Zhang, C., Ibrahim, P.N. Hirth, P., Artis, D.R., Herlyn, M., Bollag, G. : Discovery of a novel selective inhibitor of oncogenic B-Raf kinase with potent anti-melanoma activity. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sc. (USA). Feb 26; 105(8); 3041-3046, 2008. PMID 18287029 PDF

25 - Zecchini, S., Bianchi, M., Colombo, N., Fasani, R., Goisis, G., Casadio, C., Viale, G., Liu, J., Herlyn, M., Godwin, A., Nuciforo, P., Cavallaro, U.: the divergent role of Li in normal and transformed ovarian surface epithelial cells. Implications for ovarian carcinoma progression. Cancer Res. Feb 15; 68(4): 1110-1118, 2008. PMID 18281486 PDF