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PA Budget and CURE

Governor Tom Corbett signed the 2012/2013 Pennsylvania state budget into law this past weekend. The budget preserved CURE formula funding—an important, steady source of funding that has for a decade supported innovative cancer research at research institutes and academic medical centers across the state—but transferred the non-formula funding to the General Fund for other purposes. 

While we are disappointed at the loss of CURE non-formula grants, we understand this was a difficult budget cycle in a challenging economic climate, and we respect the fact that hard decisions had to be made to balance the budget. The formula funding (approximately $43 million this year) will be distributed to research centers across Pennsylvania in proportion to their receipt of federal NIH dollars; for Wistar, this funding annually totals about $1.5–$1.7 million. Our state legislators understand the positive impact that CURE-funded research has made on the health and well-being of Pennsylvanians. We are hopeful they will restore CURE to its full funding levels in the future.

We want to thank supporters like you who contacted legislators to advocate for CURE. We simply could NOT have saved the formula funding without your help.