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Wistar Gets Cheeky at The Philadelphia Science Festival

It was a beautiful day on the Ben Franklin Parkway for the third annual Philadelphia Science Festival's Carnival, an inspirational celebration of science and engineering. 

Once again, Wistar volunteers operated one of the most popular booths at the event, where more than 200 kids had a chance to peer through the microscope to see their own cells (taken with a cotton swab from the inside of their cheeks). 

Wistar scientists on hand helped kids navigate the features of these epithelial cells, pointing out the cell nucleus, organelles, and other cellular landmarks. For many, it was a great introduction to both Wistar and cell biology. Plus, we handed out plenty of Wistar tattoos and sunscreen.  


But the Philadelphia Science Festival is not over yet.

On April 23, at 6:30 P.M., join our CEO and President, Russel E. Kaufman, M.D., at the Franklin Institute to learn "How Medicine Works: A Microscopic Army."