Recombinant Plasmid DNA Engineering

Recombinant Plasmid DNA Engineering

The facility staff will assist users in designing a cloning strategy to engineer an appropriate recombinant plasmid DNA that meets the specific goals of the project.  The facility supports conventional, ligation independent, Gateway, and site-directed mutagenesis cloning technologies.  The nucleic acids (e.g., cDNA, promoter, shRNA, etc.) are isolated from a customer-supplied plasmid DNA(s) and subcloned into a new vector of choice.   Newly derived plasmid DNAs are authenticated by restriction endonuclease digestion, DNA sequencing, and prepared for subsequent transfection based applications. View a list of available expression vectors.


~2-3 weeks

Required Material*:

5 µg of plasmid containing gene of interest. 
Genbank accession number
Complete vector sequence or map.


At least 100 µg of ready-to-use recombinant plasmid DNA containing the gene of interest

*Note: Customers are responsible for providing the correct information regarding nucleic acid sequence and plasmid DNAs for subcloning projects.  The user will be responsible for all costs incurred during cloning projects where the sequence of the supplied plasmid does not correspond with the sequence provided.