Albert R. Taxin Brain Tumor Research Center

The Wistar Institute's Albert R. Taxin Brain Tumor Research Center honors the memory of Albert Taxin by providing Institute scientists with the resources they need to conduct brain tumor research. Initially, donations made possible the renovation of space for the Taxin Center, completed in early 1999. Today, they support ongoing research in what is the only brain tumor research center of its type in Pennsylvania. 

Albert Taxin, for whom the Taxin Center is named, died in 1993 at age 53 of an incurable and inoperable brain tumor. An outpouring of philanthropic support in his memory led to construction of the Albert R. Taxin Brain Tumor Research, located on the Institute's third floor, opposite the Robert A. Fox Structural Biology Center. Fundraising efforts were led by his widow, Doris Taxin, honored in 1999 with the Wistar Award.