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Monoclonal Antibodies that Bind to Nerve Growth Factor Receptor (NGFR)(ME20.4 and ME82.11)

Tech ID
HM131, RA8598

Nerve growth factor is important for regulation of development of sympathetic and sensory neurons and other neural crest-derived cell types. MAbs ME20.4 and ME82.11 bind to the low affinity NGFR of human origin. Using these MAbs, we have carefully defined the biochemical nature of the NGF receptor and its distribution among normal and transformed neural crest tissues.




Ross, et al., Characterization of nerve growth factor receptor inneural crest tumors using monoclonal antibodies, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 81: 6681-6685, 1984.


MAb ME20.4 was prepared by using WM245 melanoma cells as immunogen in BALB/c mice. ME82.11 was derived by immunizing mice with WM 115 melanoma cells. Spleen cells were fused with mouse myeloma P3x63Ag8.653.

Key Words
cell selection, gliomas, human nerve growth factor receptor, immunodiagnostics, melanomas, Monoclonal Antibodies, neuroblastomas
Applications and Advantages

Identification of NGFR+ cells.