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Monoclonal Antibody 452 Against Aminopeptidase N (CD13)

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Hybridoma cells producing MAb 452 were obtained after fusion of spleen cells derived from mice immunized with human dermal fibroblasts. Fusion was done with the SP2/0 variant of P3x63Ag8.

MAb 452 detects the 143 Kd aminopeptidase N that is present on monocytes, fibroblasts, and melanoma cells. Melanoma-associated aminopeptidase N is tightly associated with the extracellular matrix, and in vitro invasion assays indicate that aminopeptidase N acts in invasion by the digestion of a Mr 160,000 component in basement membranes.

Key Words
Industrial Relevance: Blood cell typing, tissue identification
Applications and Advantages

Immunohistochemistry, cell identification, western blot, human frozen tissue sections.