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What's your status?

June is AIDS Education Month in Philadelphia, organized by Wistar collaborators Philadelphia FIGHT. Lectures, dance contests (that's right—more than one!), gospel music, community cookouts, and much more are in store.

Curious about your HIV status? June 27 is National HIV Testing Day. Get tested and encourage others to also get tested at free locations throughout the region. Click here for a full list of locations and testing hours.

Our Montaner Lab, pioneers in HIV/AIDS research, is attending the kick-off event tonight at the College of Physicians.

See the full list of activities in Philadelphia Magazine.

The Montaner Lab has collaborated symbiotically for years with Philadelphia FIGHT. Philadelphia FIGHT, a community HIV/AIDS organization, is part primary care facility and part advocacy organization. With FIGHT’s involvement, Montaner Lab researchers have been able to conduct a number of small yet powerful HIV-related medical studies.