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Riethman Lab

The Wistar Institute

3601 Spruce Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104


Email: riethman@wistar.org

Office: 215-898-3872

Lab: 215-898-3873

Subtelomere Assemblies

Links are provided for two concatenated FASTA files with our new subtelomere assemblies (1-15 K for just the 15 K where the sequence is adjacent to a telomere, and 1-500 K for the more extended subtelomere assemblies (which include the 1-15 K sequences, where available, as the initial part of the sequence). The sequences are oriented from telomere to centromere with coordinate 1 corresponding to the start of the telomere repeat tract, with any distal pure telomere repeat sequence left off.

A master spreadsheet with the clone-by-clone basis for the assemblies along with remaining gap information as well as other details is also provided.

New annotations of these assemblies are available here.