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Welcome to The Wistar Institute virtual tours where you will learn about our research, our scientists, and the education and training opportunities we offer. Whether you are a friend of the Institute, a science enthusiast, a prospective postdoctoral fellow, a high-school student, or someone who thinks science might be a good career choice but doesn’t know where to start, we have virtually opened the Institute’s doors to guide you as you explore our science, mission and history.

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Learn about the Institute’s rich history of scientific achievement and view interesting historical artifacts on display in the building.

The Weiner lab develops novel immunotherapies for disease prevention and treatment using an approach called synthetic nucleic acid technology. The lab is one of the pioneering research teams in the field of DNA vaccines.

Microscopy is a pillar of biomedical research. This facility houses high-tech equipment and provides technological and methodological support to Wistar scientists for their microscopy experiments and image analysis.

The Murphy lab has been investigating the importance of inherited mutations in the gene encoding p53 tumor suppressor protein to determine cancer risk in different ethnic groups.

Wistar offers hands-on education programs to train the next generation of scientists.

Sequencing genetic material is crucial to many biomedical experiments. This facility houses stat-of-the-art machinery and provides support tailored to the sequencing needs of Wistar scientists and their genomic research.

Flow cytometry is integral to revealing information about cells.  This facility houses advanced machinery and provides support to Wistar scientists for experiment setups, cell sorting, and flow cytometry data analysis.

The Montaner Lab conducts research focused on the immune system to develop solutions for viral infections and cancer. The lab is also a leading center for HIV-cure directed research in the BEAT-HIV Delaney Collaboratory.


The Wistar Institute gratefully acknowledges generous support from the Pincus Family Foundation.