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Undergraduate education and training are a crucial step in a STEM career path. A student’s undergraduate years can help them prepare for graduate and professional programs and a future career. With an increased demand for life science jobs in the Philadelphia area, Wistar is investing in training and collaboration with area institutions to amplify the region’s scientific talent.

Because of the growth in the life science industry, Wistar seeks to expand its impact on the STEM pipeline through various undergraduate programs. Students at Wistar can learn state-of-the-art technology in our Training Lab and Shared Resources, which include facilities specializing in genomics, molecular screening and protein expression, proteomics and metabolomics, bioinformatics, and imaging.

Furthermore, our undergraduate programs aim to serve diverse populations and tap into the need for professionals with varied backgrounds to create a stronger STEM workforce. With such wide-ranging backgrounds, innovative thinking and creative problem solving are strengthened, reinforcing the Institute’s commitment to bold science with global impact.

Students participate in hands-on training in molecular and cellular biology techniques and conduct research on genetic variation in the human TP53 gene.


Merging science and entrepreneurship to create value, jobs, and technologies for the future.


Provides students with experience in biotechnology entrepreneurship, leveraging Wistar intellectual property (IP) developed in the Wistar labs.