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Center for Systems and Computational Biology

The Wistar Institute

3601 Spruce Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104-4268


Office: 215-495-6903

Fax: 215-495-6848


MPromDb (2011): Mammalian Promoter Database is a curated database that strives to annotate gene promoters identified from ChIP-Seq and RNA-seq experimental results. The long term goal of this database is to provide an integrated resource for mammalian gene transcriptional regulation and epigenetics. http://bioinformatics.wistar.upenn.edu/MPromDb. Since major updates in Jan 2011, we are keeping track of the user base of MPromDb.  (Gupta, et al. 2011, Nucleic Acids Res.).
Mammalian Development Transcriptome Database (MDevTrDb) is a searchable database for the mammalian transcriptome and epigenome during development. http://mdevtrdb.wistar.upenn.edu/ (Pal, et al. 2011, Genome Res.)