The Center for Vaccine Ethics and Policy

Center for Vaccine Ethics and Policy

We proceed from a belief that the imperative for global immunization policy is to accelerate the development and availability of safe and effective vaccines – producing sustained immunity and therapeutic benefit – delivered through affordable, equitable, and ethical immunization programs to all people at risk, regardless of age, origin, circumstance, or geography.

An Invitation to Support The Center for Vaccine Ethics and Policy

The ‘decade-of-vaccines’ ahead will require an independent voice—analyzing, clarifying and challenging the aims, impact and ethics of the global immunization and vaccines enterprise.

The Center for Vaccine Ethics and Policy (CVEP) intends to be that independent voice.

Supported by its founding institutions—New York University (NYU) Division of Medical Ethics, The Wistar Institute Vaccine Center, and the Vaccine Education Center of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia—CVEP engages the full life-cycle of issues around global immunization and vaccines by:

- building and refining the ethical frameworks that help assure that policy proceeds from values and aligns with their implications,
- analyzing and communicating about vaccine evidence, ethics and policy in scholarly journals, the media and in other fora,
- innovating new analytical, visualization and decision approaches to address these issues, and,
- convening the full vaccine community to consider evidence, ethics and practical solutions, addressing opportunity and performance.

Donations and Support

CVEP enjoys critical in-kind support from its founding institutions, but depends for program support on donations from individuals and institutions, restricted project grants and sponsorships, and limited consulting revenue.

Your program support enables publication of Vaccines and Global Health: The Week in Review, a weekly service which provides a digest of news, announcements, articles and events in global health with a focus on vaccine ethics and policy gathered from key UN, governmental, NGO and industry sources, over 80 key journals, and other sources.

This weekly digest is emailed without fee to some 2,000 leaders globally, and is posted in pdf form and as a set of blog posts. This blog allows full-text searching of some 6,500 entries.

To make a donation in support of the Center for Vaccine Ethics and Policy, click here to proceed to the online donation page hosted by The Wistar Institute. The Wistar Institute acts as fiduciary for CVEP, receiving and managing donations and other support for CVEP’s ongoing work.

Inquiries about CVEP, its programs and additional opportunities to support its work should be directed to:

David R. Curry, MS
Executive Director
Center for Vaccine Ethics & Policy