Translational Research Management Facility

The mission of the Translational Research core facility is to support Wistar Cancer Center (WCC) investigators in planning, conducting and reporting ethical and innovative research based on human subjects by:

• Supporting the development of research partnerships between WCC investigators, clinical cancer care providers and cancer patients.
• Providing free and fee-for-service tools to facilitate and standardize the exchange of clinical and research-derived information.
• Facilitating research compliance with ethical and regulatory mandates.

See a comprehensive definition of translational research.

The Translational Research core facility provides WCC investigators and their clinical partners with:

• Web-based tools for secure data reporting in compliance with 21-CFR, HIPPA and other regulatory mandates, through our proprietary electronic data management system
• A CDETweb® core toolset, free of charge, for the centralized collection of limited demographic, clinical and sample-related information. (Coming soon!)
• Web-based, on-demand activity reports  for individual investigators, projects, IRB protocols, etc.
• Support for the preparation of clinical study protocols and data management plans.

Customized CDETweb® extensions are provided to address the needs of individual investigators (e.g., sample tracking, file management, protocol-based eCRFs, study schedules, progress tracking, etc.).

Individual investigators using human subject-derived material are encouraged to contact the facility to establish an account and/or discuss other support by the facility.


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