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International Fellows Programs

November 29, 2022

Biomedical research knows no borders. Scientific exchanges across academic institutions around the world enrich knowledge, accelerate the pace of discovery, and facilitate the development of new cures. A cornerstone of scientific collaboration is the exchange of qualified and dedicated research trainees: motivated, hardworking young scientists who embrace the challenge of working abroad in a supervised research environment that will provide them with excellent training, new skills, and research know-how they will be able to bring back to their own country at the end of their stay. The United States has historically been a magnet for such trainee exchanges. Generation of scientists throughout the world have come to the US to acquire new research skills, contribute substantial research advances in many fields of study, and dramatically expand the reach and accomplishments of American scientific programs in countless fields.

Wistar plays a unique role in advancing early-stage discovery and our primary workforce at the Institute is comprised of postdoctoral fellows, with a majority of them visiting from foreign countries. Postdoctoral fellows have obtained their terminal degrees, typically a Ph.D. or an M.D., and are pursuing an outstanding training experience to advance their careers, while contributing to the research efforts and advances of their hosting laboratory. Postdoctoral positions are not permanent and are on a defined time-limit. At Wistar, a postdoctoral fellow can only remain in the position for up to five years. Throughout its 130 year-history in the biomedical sciences, The Wistar Institute has fulfilled its mission of being a magnet and a haven for the education, training, and career development of foreign graduates, and benefitted for their contributions in research innovation in cancer, immunology, and vaccines.

As part of Wistar’s Bold Science//Global Impact campaign, The Cotswold Foundation and I. Wistar Morris, III pledged to invest in a five-year postdoctoral training fellowship at The Wistar Institute for one International Ph.D. or M.D. graduate who has recently received their degree.

Recognizing that the potential of scientific discovery in biomedical research extends well beyond our borders, The Wistar Institute is thrilled to create a postdoctoral fellowship in immunology, cancer research, and/or vaccine biology for recent Ph.D. or M.D. graduates. Wistar scientists come from all over the world, and foreign trainees are often not eligible to apply for federal grants and other sources of funding available to American citizens, so the Cotswold Fellowship represents special opportunities for these early-career researchers.

“I am so pleased to support The Wistar Institute, both because it is one of the transformative and leading biomedical research organizations in the country, and secondly, as there are long-existing family ties here,” said Mr. Morris.

Wistar’s ability to attract and support a cadre of exceptional, diverse, and talented postdoctoral fellows is critical to our continued success in conducting transformative biomedical discoveries to advance improvements in human health and save lives. Thank you to The Cotswold Foundation and I. Wistar Morris, III for their generosity and foresight.

The Cotswold Postdoctoral Fellow will be appointed by the end of 2022.