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Wistar and Leiden University Medical Center Engage in Collaborative Seminars

April 27, 2021

Two institutions forge a valuable international collaboration based on training and emerging research alignment.

Wistar and Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) in the Netherlands have started building a scientific bridge by connecting virtually to exchange information on their research programs, scientific goals, and core resources.

The Wistar-Schoemaker International Postdoctoral Fellowship will not only bring LUMC graduates to Wistar labs for their postdoctoral training hopefully this fall, but it also created a connection to establish new scientific collaborations between the two institutions that share several areas of research interest.

In a series of three virtual seminars, scientific leadership and researchers from Wistar and LUMC came together to present their ongoing projects and highlight potential collaborative avenues. In the first seminar, Drs. Dario Altieri, Wistar president and CEO, and Pancras Hogendoorn, dean of LUMC, opened the series presenting an overview of both institutes.

For the second seminar, Wistar and LUMC cancer researchers discussed their respective projects, while for the third seminar it was the turn of vaccine and immunology researchers from both institutions to delve deeper into vaccine and immunotherapy research, including their COVID-19 efforts.

Wistar is excited to see how collaborative beginnings and new areas of scientific interest take shape and drive exciting research and growth for both student-scientists and scientific leaders.