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Wistar Celebrates Its Newest Faculty Member & First Caspar Wistar Fellow 

October 4, 2019

A community of supporters—including Wistar scientific leadership and Leadership Council members—came out to meet and welcome Wistar’s first Caspar Wistar Fellow: Dr. Rahul Shinde.
Dr. Dario Altieri, Wistar president & CEO, spoke to how the Fellows Program will grow the pipeline with talented, next generation scientists while “preserving Wistar values of innovation and scientific entrepreneurship” before he welcomed longtime supporters Doug and Peggy Briggs up to the podium.   
Doug Briggs spoke to the process of creating a new, exciting Program to fast track the most promising scientists in the country and beyond to join Wistar and pursue creative independent science under the mentorship of top investigators.
Dr. Shinde took to the podium to thank his family, his mentors past and present and his new Wistar family for giving him the great opportunity to grow his talents in a culture of collaboration and collegiality at Wistar.

Caspar Wistar Fellows Reception