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Wistar in Prime Time

November 21, 2019

The Wistar Institute will be featured in On Demand, an award-winning TV program hosted by actor Rob Low and broadcasted on public television channels. The program highlights new stories and innovative concepts from industry and groundbreaking organizations through documentaries that present educational content with clarity to a wide and diverse audience.

The story on Wistar will air on public television stations across the nation while a shorter commercial segment is currently airing on local and national networks, including CNN, Fox News, CNBC, and many more.

The video documentary highlights Wistar’s history as a single-mission, fiercely independent institute solely devoted to basic biomedical research, and its cutting-edge advances and discoveries. The story features president and CEO Dr. Dario Altieri, principal investigators Drs. Maureen Murphy and David Weiner, VP for business development Dr. Heather Steinman, and dean of biomedical studies Dr. Brian Keith.

Collectively, they explain how Wistar is a trailblazer in basic biomedical research working at the forefront of cancer, immunology and infectious disease research to tackle the most pressing issues in human health, and its investment in training the next generation of scientists.

The Wistar commercial segment aired on primetime Nov. 14 and Nov. 17, 2019, on network channels. The long-form video will be released to public television affiliates on Nov. 25 and will air for the next year.

On Demand Series featuring The Wistar Institute (Commercial)

On Demand Series featuring The Wistar Institute (Full)