Publications 2000

Publications: 2000

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Meier F, Nesbit, M, Hsu M-Y, Martin, B, Van Belle P, Elder, DE, Schaumburg-Lever, G, Garbe, C, Walz, TM, Crombleholme T, Herlyn M: Human melanoma progression in skin reconstructs: Biological significance of bFGF. Am. J. Pathol. 156: 193-200, 2000.    PDF version available

Sylvester KG, Crombleholme TM, Radu A, Nesbit M, Herlyn M, Adzick NS: Gene therapy in wound healing: Acute inflammatory response to adenovirus and transgene in human skin. Wound Healing Regen.: 8, 36-44. 2000.     PDF version available

St. John , L, Sauter, ER, Herlyn, M, Litwin, SA, Adler-Storthz, K: Endogenous p53 gene status predicts the response of human squamous cell carcinomas to wild-type p53. Cancer Gene Therapy, 7: 749-756, 2000.    PDF version available

Hsu, M-Y, Meier, F, Nesbit, M, Hsu, J-Y, Herlyn, M: E-cadherin expression in melanoma cells restores keratinocyte-mediated growth control and down-regulates expression of invasion-related adhesion receptors. Am. J. Pathol, 156: 1515-1525, 2000.      PDF version available

Sauter, ER, Herlyn, M, Liu, S-C, Litwin, S, Ridge, JA: Prolonged response to antisense cyclin D1 in a human squamous cancer xenograft model. Clin Cancer Res, 6:654-660, 2000. PDF verson available

Hsu, M-Y, Andl, T, Li, G, Meinkoth, JL, Herlyn, M: Cadherin repertoire determines partner-specific gap junctional communication during melanoma progression. J. Cell Sci, 113: 1535-1542, 2000.     PDF version available

Satyamoorthy, K, Oka , M, Herlyn, M: An antisense strategy for inhibition of human melanoma growth targets the growth factor pleiotrophin. Pigm. Cell Res. 13 (Suppl. 8), 87-93, 2000.   PDF version available

Fredericks , WJ, Ayyanatham, K, Herlyn, M, Friedman, JR, Rauscher, FJ,III: An engeneered PAX3-KRAB transcriptional repressor inhibits the malignant phenotype of alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma cells harboring the endogenous PAX3-FKHR oncogene. Molec Cell Biol, 20: 5019-5031, 2000.     PDF version available

Smedley, D., Sidar, S, Birdsall, S, Bennet, D, Herlyn, M, Cooper, C, Shipley, J: Characterization of chromosome 1 abnormalities in malignant melanomas. Gene Chromosome Cancer, 28: 121-125, 2000.   PDF version available

Satyamoorthy, K, Chehab , NH , Waterman, MJF, Lien, MC, El-Deiry, W, Herlyn, M, Halazonetis, TD: Aberrant regulation and function of wild-type p53 in radioresistant melanoma cells. Cell Growth & Differentiation, 11: 467-474, 2000.      PDF version available

Chandler, LA, Doukas, J, Gonzalez, AM, Hoganson, DK, Gu, D, Ma, C, Nesbit, M, Crombleholme, TM, Herlyn, M, Sosnowski, BA, Pierce, GF: FGF2-Targeted adenovirus encoding platelet-derived growth factor-B enhances de novo tissue formation. Molec. Therapy, 2: 153-160, 2000.   PDF version available

Ayyanathan, K, Fredericks , WJ, Berking, C, Herlyn, M, Balakrishnan, C, Gunther, E, Rauscher, FJ, III: Hormone-dependent tumor regression in vivo by an inducible transcriptional repressor directed at the PAX3-FKHR oncogene. Cancer Res, 60: 5803-5814, 2000.     PDF version available

Li, G, Herlyn, M: Dynamics of intercellular communication during melanoma development. Molecular Med. Today 6: 163-169, 2000. (R)     PDF version available

Herlyn, M, Berking, C, Li, G, Satyamoorthy, K: Lessons from melanocyte development for naevus and melanoma formation. Mel. Res.10: 303-312, 2000. (R)    PDF ver sion available

Cascinelli, N, Herlyn, M, Schneeberger, A, Kuwert, C, Slominski, A, Armstrong, C, Belli, F, Lukiewcz, S, Maurer, D, Ansel, J, Stingl, G, Saida, T: What is the most promising strategy for the treatment of metastasizing melanoma? Exp. Dermatol. 9: 439-451, 2000. (R)   PDF version available

Herlyn, M, Satyamoorthy, K: Molecular biology of cutaneous melanoma. In: 6th edition of Cancer: Principles and Practice of Oncology, ed. By DeVita, Jr, VT, Hellman, S, Rosenberg, SA, Lippincott Williams &Wilkins, Philadelphia , PA , pp. 2003-2012, Chap. 42, 2000. PDF version available

Margolis, DJ, Crombleholme, TM, Herlyn, M: Clinical protocol: Phase I trial to evaluate the safety of H5.020CMV.PDGF-B for the treatment of a diabetic insensate foot ulcer. Wound Rep. Regen., 8: 480-493, 2000.     PDF version available