Publications 2001

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Publications: 2001

Sauter, ER, Nesbit, M, Tichansky, D, Palazzo, J, Herlyn, M: FGF-BP expression changes with disease progression in clinical and experimental human squamous epithelium. Int. J. Cancer 92: 374-381, 2001. PDF version available

Nesbit*, M, Schaider*, H, Miller, T, Herlyn, M: Low-level MCP-1 stimulation of monocytes leads to tumor formation in non-tumorigenic melanoma cells. J Immunol. 166: 6483-6490, 2001. *Equal contribution.        PDF version available

Berking, C, Takemoto, R, Satyamoorthy, K, Elenitsas, R, Herlyn, M: Basic fibroblast growth factor and UVB transform melanocytes in human skin. Am. J. Pathol :158, 943-953, 2001.   PDF version available

Iida, J, Pei, D, Kang, T, Simpson, MA, Herlyn, M, Furcht, LT, McCarthy, JB: Membrane-type metalloproteinase-3 (MT3-MMP) mediates melanoma invasion into type I collagen through interaction with melanoma chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan (MCSP). J. Biol. Chem.276: 18786-18794, 2001. PDF version available

Berking, C, Herlyn, M: UV irradiation of human skin grafted to immunodeficient mice for the induction of human melanocytic lesions. In: Methods in Molecular Med.: Melanoma: Methods and Protocols, ed. by B. Nickoloff, Humana press Inc., Totowa, NJ , pp. 71-84, 2001.     PDF version available

Gruss, C, Herlyn, M: Role of cadherins and matrixins in melanoma. Curr. Opin. Oncol. 13:117-123, 2001.

Berking, C, Herlyn, M: Human skin reconstruct models: New application for studies of melanocyte and melanoma biology. Histol Histopathol 16: 669-674, 2001.     PDF version available

Li, G, Satyamoorthy, K, Herlyn, M: N-cadherin-mediated intercellular interactions promote survival and migration of melanoma cells. Cancer Res. 61: 3819-3825, 2001.    PDF version available

McArdle, L, Rafferty, M, Maelandsmo, G, Bergin, O, Farr, CJ, Dervan, PA, O'Loughlin, S, Herlyn, M, Easty, DJ: Protein tyrosine phosphatase genes downregulated in melanoma. J. Invest. Dermatol., 117: 1255-1260, 2001.  PDF version available

Satyamoorthy K, Muyers J, Meier F, Patel D, Herlyn M: Mel-CAM-specific genetic suppressor elements inhibit melanoma growth and invasion through loss of gap junctional communication. Oncogene 20: 4676-4684, 2001.    PDF version available

Kamb A, Herlyn M: Malignant melanoma. In: The metabolic and molecular bases of inherited disease. Scriver, CR, Beaudet, AL, Sly, WS, Valle, D, eds., Childs, B, Kinzler, KW, Vogelstein. B.assoc. eds., McGraw-Hill Co, New York, NY, Chapter 44, pp. 967-977, 2001.

Doukas, J, Chandler, LA, Gonzales AM, Hoganson, DK, Na, C, Nguyen, T, printz, MA, Nesbit, M, Herlyn, M, Crombleholme, T, Pierce, G: Matrix immobilization enhances the tissue repair activity of growth factor gene therapy vectors. Human Gene Therapy 12: 783-798, 2001.   PDF version available

Herlyn, M, Ferrone, S, Ronai, Z, Finerty, J, Pelroy, R, Mohla, S: Meeting report: Melanoma biology and progression. Cancer Res. 61: 4642-4643, 2001.    PDF version available

Satyamoorthy, K, Bogenrieder, T, Herlyn, M: No longer a molecular black box - new clues to apoptosis and drug resistance in melanoma. Trends Mol Med, 7: 191-194, 2001.   PDF version available

Satyamoorthy, K, Li, G, Vaidya, B, Patel, D, Herlyn M: IGF-1 induces survival and growth in biologically early melanoma cells through both the MAP kinase and ß-catenin pathways. Cancer Res. 61: 7318-7324, 2001.    PDF version available

Nesbit, M, Schaider, H, Berking, C, Shih, D-T, Hsu, M-Y, McBrian, M, Crombleholme, TM, Elenitsas, R, Buck, B, Herlyn, M: 5- and integrin gene transfer mimic the PDGF-B-induced transformed phenotype of fibroblasts in human skin. Lab. Invest. 81: 1263-1274, 2001.    PDF version available

Berking, C, Takemoto, R, Schaider, H, Showe, L, Satyamoorthy, K, Robbins, P, Herlyn,M: TGF-ß1 increases survival of human melanoma through stroma remodeling. Cancer Res. 61: 8306-8316, 2001    PDF version available