Publications 2004

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Publications: 2004

1 - Perlis, C., and Herlyn, M: Recent advances in melanoma biology. Oncologist 9:182-187, 2004. (R)   PDF

2 - Haass, N.K., Smalley, K. S. M, and Herlyn, M: The role of altered cell-cell communication in melanoma progression. J. Mol. Histo. 35:309-318, 2004. (R)   PDF

3 - Berking, C., Takemoto, R., Satyamoorthy, K., Shirakawa, T., Eskandarpour, M., Hanson, J., vanBelle, P.A., Elder, D.E., Herlyn, M: Induction of melanoma phenotypes in human skin by growth factors and ultraviolet B. Cancer Res. 64: 807-811, 2004.   PDF

4 - van Kempen, L.C.L.T., Meier, F., Egeblad, M., Kersten-Niessen, M.J.F., Garbe, C., Weidle, U.H., Muijen, G.N.P. van, Herlyn, M., Bloemers, H.P.J., Swart, G.W.M.: Trunctation of activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule: a gateway to melanoma metastasis. J. Invest. Dermatol. 122:1293-1301, 2004.  PDF

5 - Edwards, R.H., Ward, M.R., Wu, H., Medina, A., Brose, M.S., Volpe, P., Nussen-Lee, S., Haupt, H.M., Martin, A.-M., Herlyn, M., Lessin, S.R., Weber, B.L.: Absence of BRAF mutations in UV-protected mucosal melanomas. J. Med. Gen. 41: 270-272, 2004.  PDF version available

6 - Li, G., Fukunaga, M., and Herlyn, M.: Reversal of melanocytic malignancy by keratinocytes is an E-cadherin-mediated process overriding ß-catenin signaling. Exp.Cell Res. 297: 142-151, 2004.   PDF version available   Corrigendum 2005

7 - Smalley, K.S.M. and Herlyn, M.: Loitering with intent: New evidence for the role of BRAF mutations in the proliferation of melanocytic lesions. J. Invest. Dermatol. 123: XVI-XVII, 2004 (R)  PDF version available

8 - Kim, S.H., Kim, K, Kwagh, J.G., Dicker, D.T., Herlyn, M., Rustgi, A.K., and El-Deiry, W.S.: Death induction by recombinant native TRAIL and its prevention by a caspase 9 inhibitor in primary human esophageal epithelial cells. J. Biol. Chem. 279: 40044-400452, 2004.    PDF version available

9 - Al Moustafa, E.E., Foulkes, W.D., Wong, A., Jallal, H., Batist, G., Yu, Q., Herlyn, M., Sicinski, P., Alaoui-Jamali, A.M.: Cyclin D1 is essential for neoplastic transformation induced by both E6/E7 and E6/E7/ErbB-2 cooperation in normal cells. Oncogene 23: 5252-5226, 2004.   PDF version available.

10 - Yang L., Dan H.C., Sun M., Liu Q., Sun X.M., Feldman R.I., Hamilton A.D., Polokoff M., Nicosia S.V., Herlyn M., Sebti S.M., and Cheng, J.Q.: Akt/Protein kinase B signaling inhibitor-2, a selective small molecule inhibitor of akt signaling with antitumor activity in cancer cells overexpressing akt. Cancer Res. 64:4394-4399, 2004.    PDF version available

11 - Kim, J.W., Wong, C.W., Goldsmith, J.D., Song, C., Fu, W., Allion, M.B., Herlyn, M., Al-Mehdi, A.B., and Muschel, R.J.: Rapid apoptosis in the pulmonary vaculature distinguishes non-metastatic from metastatic melanoma cells. Cancer Lett. 213: 203-212, 2004.   PDF version available

12 - Keswani, S.G., Katz, A. B. Lim, F.Y., Zoltick, P., Rady, A., Alaee, D., Herlyn, M, and Crombleholme, T.M.: Adenoviral mediated gene transfer of PDGF-B enhances wound healing healing in type I and type II diabetic wounds. Wound Repair Regen. 12: 497-504, 2004.   PDF version available

13 - Margolis, D.J., Crombleholme, T., Herlyn, M., Cross, P., Weinberg, L., Filip, J., and Propert, K.: Phase I trial to evaluate the safety of H5020CMV.PDGF-b and limb compression bandage for the treatment of venous leg ulcer: Trial A. Human Gene Therapy 15: 1003-1019, 2004.    PDF version available