Publications 2006

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Publications: 2006

1 - Fang, D., Leishear, K., Nguyen, T.K., Finko, R., Cai, K., Fukunaga, M., Li, L., Brafford, P.A., Kulp, A.N., Xu, X., Smalley, K.S., Herlyn, M.: Defining the conditions for the generation of melanocytes from human embryonic stem cells. S24: 1668-1677, 2006. PDF

2 - Liu, Z.J., Xiao, M., Balint, K., Soma, A., Pinnix, C.C., Capobianco, A.J., Velazquez, O.C., Herlyn, M.: Inhibition of endothelial cell proliferation by Notch1 signaling is mediated by repressing MPAK and PI3K/Akt pathways and requires MAML1. FASEB J, 20: 1009-1011, 2006. PDF

3 - Liu, Z.-J., Xiao, M., Balint, K., Smalley, K.S.M., Brafford, P., Qiu, E., Pinnix, C.C., Li, X., Herlyn, M.: Notch1 signaling promotes primary melanoma progression by activating Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase/Phosphatidylinositol 3-kKnase-Akt pathways and upregulating N-cadherin expression. Cancer Res 66: 4182-4190, 2006. PDF

4 - Oka, M., Norose, K., Matsushima, K., Nishigori, C., Herlyn, M.: Overexpression of IL-8 in the cornea induces ulcer formation in the SCID mouse. Br J Ophthalmol. 90:612-615, 2006. PDF

5 - Oka, M., Nishigori, C., Kageshita, T., Hsu, M.Y., Penmatcha, S., Herlyn, M.: Expression of PKC isoforms in human melanocytic cells in situ. J Dermatol Sci 41:157-161, 2006. PDF

6 - Smalley, K.S., Haass, N.K., Brafford, P.A., Lioni, M., Flaherty, K.T., Herlyn, M.: Multiple signaling pathways must be targeted to overcome drug resistance in cell lines derived from melanoma metastases. Molec Cancer Therapy 5: 1136-1144, 2006. PDF

7 - Yu, H., Fang, D., Kumar, S.M., Li, L., Nguyen, T. K., Acs, G., Herlyn, M., Xu, X.: Isolation of a novel population of multipotent adult stem cells from human hair follicles. Am J Pathol 168:1879-1988, 2006. PDF

8 - Hoek, K.S., Schlegel, N. C., Brafford, P., Sucker, A., Ugurel, S., Kumar, R., Weber, B. L., Nathanson, K. L., Phillips, D. J., Herlyn, M., Schadendorf, D., Dummer, R.: Metastatic potential of melanomas defined by specific gene expression profiles with no BRAF signature. Pig. Cell Res. 19: 290-302, 2006. PDF

9 - Smalley, K., and Herlyn, M.: Towards the targeted therapy of melanoma. Mini Rev. Med. Chem. 6: 387-393, 2006. PDF

10 - Cher, M.L., Towler, D.A., Rafii, S., Rowley, D., Donahue, H.J., Keller, E., Herlyn, M., Cho, E.A., Chung, L. W. K.: Cancer interactions with the bone environment. A workshop of the National Institutes of Health Tumor Microenvironment Study Section. Am. J. Pathol. 168: 1405-1412, 2006. PDF

11 - Spoettl, T., Hausmann, M., Herlyn, M., Gunckel, M., Falk, W., Herfarth, H., Schoelmerich, J., Rogler, G.: Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1) inhibits the intestinal-like differentiation of monocytes. Clin. Exp. Immunol. 145: 190-199, 2006. PDF

12 - Spoettl, T., Hausmann, M., Gunckel, M., Herfarth, H., Herlyn, M., Schoelmerich, J., Rogler, G.: A new organotypic model to study cell interactions in the intestinal mucosa. Eur. J. Gastroenterol. Hepatol. 18: 901-909, 2006. PDF

13 - Dicker, D.T., Lerner, J., van Belle, P., Barth, S.F., Guerry, D. 4th, Herlyn, M., Elder D.E., and El-Deiry, W.S.: Differentiation of normal skin and melanoma using high resolution hyperspectral imaging. Cancer Biol. Ther. 5 (8), 2006. PDF

14 - Lee, J.T. and Herlyn, M: Embryogenesis meets tumorigenesis. Nature Med., 12: 882-884, 2006. PDF

15 - Liu, j., Kumar, S.K.G., Yu, D., Molton, S.A., McMahon, M., Herlyn, M., Thomas-Tikhonenko, A., and Fuchs, S.Y.: Oncogenic BRAF regulates ß-Trep expression and NF-kB activity in human melanoma cells. Oncogene. 26: 1954-1958, 2006.
PMID 170001349   PDF

16 - Andl, C.D., Fargnoli, B.B. Okawa, T., Bowser, M., Takaoka, M., Nakagawa, H., Klein- Szanto, A., Hua, X., Herlyn, M., and Rustgi, A.K.: Coordinated functions of E-cadherin and TGFß receptor II in vitro and in vivo. Cancer Res., 66: 9878-9885, 2006. PMID 17047049   PDF

17 - Oyama, K., Okawa, T., Nakagawa, H., Takaoka, M., Andl, C.C., Kim, S-H, Klein-Szanto, A., Diehl, J.A., Herlyn, M., El-Deiry, W., Rustgi, A.K.: Akt induces senescence in primary esophageal epithelial cells but is permissive for differentiation as revealed in organotypic culture. Oncogene. 26: 2353-2364, 2006.PMID 17043653   PDF

18 - Fukunaga, M., Martinez, G., Liu, Z.-J., Kalabis, J., Mrass, P., Weninger, W., Firth, S.M., Planque, N., Perbal, B., Herlyn, M.: CCN3 controls 3D spatial localization of melanocytes in the human skin through DDR1. J Cell Biol. 175: 563-569, 2006.   PDF

19 - Smalley, K.S., Lioni, M., Herlyn, M. Life Isn't Flat: Taking cancer biology to the next dimension. In Vitro Cell. Dev. Biol. 42: 242-247, 2006.    PDF

20 - King, A.J., Patrick, D.R., Batorsky, R.S., Ho, M.L., Do, H.T., Zhang, S-Y., Kumar, R., Rusnak, D.W., Takle, A.K., Wilson, D.M., Hugger, E., Wang, L., Karreth, F., Lougheed, J.C., Lee, J., Chau, D., Stout, T.J., May, E.W., Rominger, C.M., Schaber, M.D., Luo, L., Lakdawala, A.S., Adams, J.L., Contractor, R.G., Smalley, K.A.M., Herlyn, M., Morrissey, M.M., Tuveson, D.A., Huang, P.S.: Demonstration of a genetic therapeutic index for tumors expressing oncogenic BRAF by the kinase inhibitor SB-590885. Cancer Res. 66: 11100-11105, 2006.    PDF