Jan Erikson, Ph.D.

Jan Erikson, Ph.D.

  • Professor, Vaccine & Immunotherapy Center
  • Member, Immunology, Microenvironment and Metastasis Program
  • 215-898-3823, Office

The laboratory of Jan Erikson has had a long-standing interest in B cell activation and regulation, particularly the signals that guide the trajectory of immune cells along distinct developmental paths resulting in either short-term or long-lasting immunity. Antibody secreting cells (ASCs) are pivotal in the etiology of antibody-mediated autoimmune syndromes such as SLE, and the malignant transformation of ASCs results in multiple myeloma. Furthermore, protective humoral immunity to viral infections depends on long-lived ASCs. The mechanisms responsible for the generation and maintenance of ASCs in survival niches at inflamed sites and the bone marrow remain poorly understood. 

The Erikson lab has focused on the regulation of autoreactive disease-associated B cells, specifically anti-chromatin B cells that are one of the hallmarks of lupus as well as the immune response to respiratory tract (RT) infections, which remain a major health burden worldwide. Protective immunity to RT infections depends on long-lived (ASCs) and memory B cells.

The Erikson lab is beginning to identify features of RT infection that promote B cell and ASC survival. Because a significant cause of morbidity and mortality with influenza infection is due to bacterial co-infection, the lab has established a model of influenza-bacterial co-infection. They have documented that co-infection modulates the humoral immunity to influenza infection. Understanding how B cells interpret the co-infection milieu may inform future vaccine approaches for infectious diseases as well as therapies for B cell-based autoimmunity and myeloma.

Erikson received both her bachelor’s degree and doctorate in biology from the University of Pennsylvania. In 1986, she moved to California to do her initial postdoctoral work at Stanford University Medical School, and later returned to Pennsylvania for a postdoctoral fellowship at the Institute for Cancer Research, Fox Chase Cancer Center.

Erikson joined The Wistar Institute as an assistant professor in 1991. A year later, she was named Wistar Institute Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Selected Publications

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