Bioinformatics Facility

The Bioinformatics Shared Resource continuously develops new and efficient approaches to data analysis as a response to emerging research needs. Facility functions include:  statistical analyses and computational modeling; advanced bioinformatics tools for integrative cancer biology; and data management. Routine data analyses include large scale information datasets (omics data) generated by high-throughput technologies, which address the following areas:

  • Genome and transcriptome sequencing (alternate splicing, RNA editing, mutation detection, CNV)
  • Gene regulation (ChIP-chip, ChIP-seq, epigenetic profiling, promoter methylation arrays)
  • Biomarkers (e.g. mRNA ,miRNA microarray and protein expression data)
  • Proteomic analyses (mass spectrometry-based spectra, LCMS, DIGE, etc.)
  • Polymorphism genotyping (e.g. Single Nucleotide [SNP] and Copy Number variations [CGH], LOH)
  • Pathway and network analysis
  • Integration of multi-platform data
  • Other customized data analysis projects

This facility is supported in part by an NCI Cancer Center Support Grant.

Service Overview

  • High-throughput data analysis:
    • All microarray platforms
    • Next generation sequencing data analysis
    • Low-density PCR arrays (mi-RNA, pathways, custom)
    • Proteomics data
    • Enrichment Analysis (Ingenuity, DAVID)
  • Comprehensive analysis of complex projects that require multi-platform data integration
  • Consultation and support of experimental design and customized bioinformatics services
  • Statistical consultation and predictive model building
  • Computational support for data management, high-performance computing, and custom programming
  • Centralized computation resources, including data management and collaboration tools, sequence databases, homology algorithms, and other sequence manipulation tools
  • Web-based application/database development and management
  • Training: Genome Browser, Ingenuity, DAVID
  • Grant and publication support: results, methods, figures
  • Advanced biological models and illustrations



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