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Integral Molecular Announced as First Industry Partner in The Wistar Institute’s Biomedical Research Technician Apprenticeship

PHILADELPHIA – September 25, 2019 – The Wistar Institute, a global leader in cancer, immunology and infectious disease research, has selected Integral Molecular, Inc. as the first industry partner for its Biomedical Research Technician (BRT) Apprenticeship. This industry-academia relationship continues Integral Molecular’s dedication to community partnership, economic development, and job creation in the city of Philadelphia.

Wistar’s BRT Apprenticeship, the first-ever registered, nontraditional apprenticeship program for biomedical research ratified by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry, offers a career pathway to fill in-demand jobs within Philadelphia’s fast-growing biotechnology industry. It is an extension of Wistar’s Biomedical Technician Training (BTT) Program, which has helped students from the Community College of Philadelphia gain valuable hands-on laboratory experience and jobs in the life sciences for the past 20 years.

Participants in Wistar’s BRT Apprenticeship gain critical skills to facilitate experimental procedures, manage a laboratory, conduct data analysis on experiments, and learn other valuable laboratory techniques.

“For the past two years, Wistar’s BRT Apprenticeship has fostered the next generation of biomedical researchers in Philadelphia by creating a career pathway,” said William Wunner, Ph.D., director of Academic Affairs and director of Outreach Education and Technology Training at Wistar. “With its focus on cutting-edge antibody technologies, Integral Molecular is the ideal setting for our students to acquire marketable skills in the biotechnology industry.”

Integral Molecular has been a strong supporter of Wistar’s BTT Program over the years, providing training sites for students to gain real-world experience in a laboratory setting.

Wistar’s non-traditional BRT Apprenticeship is supported by Philadelphia Works, Inc., the city’s Workforce Development Board, under the governance of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry. Learn more:

About Integral Molecular
Integral Molecular is the industry leader in membrane protein antibody discovery, with a pipeline of therapeutic antibodies against GPCRs, ion channels, transporters, and immuno-oncology targets. Built on the company’s extensive experience optimizing membrane proteins, this platform enables the isolation, characterization, and engineering of MAbs against otherwise intractable targets. Integral Molecular discovers antibodies for partners in parallel with independent work developing antibodies for licensing. The company currently has therapeutic programs focused on cancer, pain, immunity, and metabolic disorders.

About The Wistar Institute
The Wistar Institute is an international leader in biomedical research with special expertise in cancer and infectious disease research and vaccine development. Founded in 1892 as the first independent nonprofit biomedical research institute in the United States, Wistar has held the prestigious Cancer Center designation from the National Cancer Institute since 1972. The Institute works actively to ensure that research advances move from the laboratory to the clinic as quickly as possible.

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