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  • BRAF35: The DNA-Binding Component of The BRCA2 Complex 

    Mutations of the human BRCA2 gene are associated with a very high risk of breast cancer, yet the majority of breast cancer patients do not carry any BRCA2 or BRCA1 mutations. Additionally the function of BRCA2 and its exact role in cell growth regulation have not yet been determined.

    Wistar researches have determined that BRCA2 is part of a multiprotein complex and have identified a new protein, BRAF35 (BRCA2-Associated-Factor 35) that is the DNA-binding component of this complex. Similar to BRCA2, the expression of BRAF35 RNA is up-regulated in proliferating tissues. The BRCA2/BRAF35 complex is found associated with chromatin at the early stages of chromosome condensation. These findings suggest that the BRCA2/BRAF35 complex may have a key role in both DNA repair and cell cycle regulation. Thus BRAF35 and the BRCA2/BRAF35 complex may be useful targets for development of novel cancer therapeutics.