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Rubella Vaccine

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The RA 27/3 strain of rubella virus was developed at The Wistar Institute. The seed stock from RA 27/3 has been successfully used worldwide since the 1970's as a vaccine for the prevention of rubella infection. This vaccine has been administered alone and as part of a combination vaccine (e.g. MMR; measles, mumps, rubella vaccine).

The Wistar Institute has maintained seed stocks of the RA/ 27/3 strain of rubella for use in production of vaccines. These vaccines have been licensed to regional public health agencies and to for-profit companies who are developing vaccines for local distribution, particularly in Asia and South America.

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Applications and Advantages

The RA 27/3 seed stock may be used for development of vaccines that may be available at a lower cost than those vaccines produced by the major pharmaceutical companies.

Intellectual Property Status

The Wistar Institute can provide the proprietary biological material used to make the vaccines.

Licensing Opportunity

The RA27/3 strain of rubella virus is available for licensing outside of the United States.