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Team Approach Guides Wistar’s New Melanoma Research Center

On the heels of announcing findings that could change the way melanoma is treated, Wistar announced a new effort that will change the way scientists conduct melanoma research. The Wistar Institute Melanoma Research Center brings together scientists, physicians, the life sciences industry, and melanoma advocates in saving lives by advancing new and better therapies for this deadly disease.

“Melanoma is in desperate need of therapeutic options, but there is no cure on the horizon,” said Meenhard Herlyn, D.V.M., D.Sc., the Center’s director.  “Through this Center, we aim to take a comprehensive look at the nature of melanoma and plan out exactly the steps we need to take to develop new methods of detection, prevention and therapy.”

Under Herlyn’s leadership of one of the nation’s most prestigious melanoma laboratories, Wistar has established a track record of melanoma research advances that spans more than 25 years.  In addition to providing a base for new melanoma science, the Center represents a hub of activity that connects scientists and physicians at universities, independent research institutions, 

medical centers, and pharmaceutical companies, across the nation and the world.  Their combined efforts, driven and supported by the melanoma advocacy community, will bring about new drug trials and renewed hope for melanoma patients and their families, Herlyn says.