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Please help restore CURE funding

In his budget for fiscal year 2013, Governor Tom Corbett proposes to de-fund the CURE program created by Act 77, the Tobacco Settlement Fund legislation, in 2001. Hospitals and research institutes across the state stand to lose a combined $60 million in research funding; Wistar itself has about $1.5 million a year at stake. Over the years, CURE funds have supported 27 principal investigators across the Institute in a variety of research areas. The proposed de-funding will have a significant impact on Wistar.

We need your help, please.

Take a moment to visit the Pennsylvania Cancer Alliance website at this link, scroll down the middle of the homepage and download a sample letter to your representative to show your support for continued funding of CURE. Your voice counts and legislators do pay attention. And please help us spread the grassroots by sharing the link through your networks.

Thank you in advance for your support.