Wistar Wire: 2017

Ben Leach
Wistar scientists have published new studies on fundamental aspects of melanoma metastasis and therapy resistance, the application of a novel immunotherapeutic technology to prevent infection with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and the discovery of new aspects of the three-dimensional organization of the genome. Also, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) selected a Wistar principal investigator for her innovative epigenetics research.
Ben Leach
The vaccine, developed by David Weiner and his colleagues, has been proven safe and effective at generating an immune response in a clinical trial.
Ben Leach
New studies have demonstrated how tumor cells and immune cells adapt their metabolism to cope with the shortage of nutrients and oxygen in the tumor microenvironment and how these processes affect the sustained fight between cancer and the immune system. Three Wistar studies on this subject have been recently featured in top-tier journals. A principal investigator at Wistar was also recognized for his HIV research.
Awards, Cancer, HIV-AIDS
Darien Sutton
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