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Like you, your philanthropic friends and associates are inspired as donors by a desire to maximize their impact in pursuit of meaningful objectives. And people drawn to discovery research are motivated to support organizations that will bring the future of medicine closer, sooner – with bold ideas and nimble process that give donors optimism about the immanent transformation of healthcare.

Wistar is a truly unique basic research institution that is accelerating the path from bench to bedside – and ultimately to cure – because of the focused way we define our mission, the intellectual culture that nourishes our science, and the organizational structure we’ve built to implement discovery research. We’re both strategic and agile.

Here’s how Wistar Science is changing the odds.

Wistar Science is Mission-Focused…

One of the most important things about us is what we are not – a hospital. That focus leaves the process of drug commercialization and clinical care in the hands of partner organizations, and it keeps our resources and attention trained squarely on what we do best – high-impact, discovery research.

Wistar Science is Targeted…

We don’t aim to be “well-rounded.” Our research is directed exclusively at cancer biology and immunology. Within those domains, we maximize impact through strategic selection of therapy and prevention targets (diseases, pathways and mechanisms), leveraging exceptional expertise and creating important synergies.

Wistar Science is Collaborative…

The future of medicine is being propelled by “team science,” and Wistar is leading that charge. Our community of scientists is organized to problem solve by pooling resources, skills, and learnings across labs, increasing the odds of making discoveries that will revolutionize medicine. We’re also champions of collaboration in the broader community, driving powerful partnerships with other leading institutions to accelerate research breakthroughs and advance application. 

Wistar Science is Nimble…

Brilliant ideas need the right place to incubate – enabled by effective institutional leadership, unencumbered by bureaucracy. Wistar Discovery Research is propelled by a lean, opportunity-driven decision-process and an efficient organizational structure. Novel funding programs that seed high-risk, high-reward research initiatives are allowing us to fast-track ground-breaking ideas.

Wistar Science is Prolific…

Wistar ranks as one of the most productive biomedical research institutes in the nation, with an impact on scientific thinking and a track record for technology transfer well beyond its size, as measured by NIH funding per scientist, ground-breaking publications in major scientific journals, yearly growth in patents.

Wistar Science is Brilliant…

Wistar’s culture, facilities and commitment to visionary science attracts some of the world’s most talented scientists, all acknowledged leaders in their respective fields. They know that at Wistar, they will be empowered to approach critical problems in novel ways, supported by a community of inspired collaborators and visionary executive leaders.


for a routine instrument to study our blood cells.


for operating a medium-size research laboratory.


for supporting one graduate student for just one year.