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Wistar Science Discovery Fund

The Wistar Institute’s most valuable assets are the discoveries that are being made by its researchers and the community that supports them.


…you have the ability to advance the development of a simple blood test that is able to detect early-stage cancer, when it can be treated more successfully or halted.


…your contribution could move a targeted therapy for cancer that would otherwise remain on a lab bench into a clinical trial. While doing so, you hear about the progress, meet the researchers and become a true partner in advancing human health.


This dream is a reality! The Wistar Science Discovery Fund engages Wistar’s community and researchers by creating partnerships that are meaningful to donors and aligning with our scientific mission.


Research conducted at The Wistar Institute is leading to important discoveries with the goal of improving the quality of human health.

This critical pipeline of scientific advances requires a dedicated source of funding that allows the Institute to invest flexibly and strategically in high-risk, high-reward research, with the unique potential to create new commercialization and revenue streams.

A new philanthropic model is emerging where donors are connected to their investments in a far more intimate way – they become an integrated part of solving the scientific puzzle.

The goal? To build upon Wistar’s strong philanthropic base and advance an entrepreneurial, multidisciplinary giving process that supports what the Institute is known for — collaborative scientists conducting innovative research.

Learn more about the Wistar Science Discovery Fund and how you too can become a partner in discovery.


The Wistar Science Discovery Fund allows philanthropists to join our researchers in solving the issues that interest them most. The donor-advised WSDF requires a minimum starting gift of $150,000 to participate.

Step 1: Meeting

Wistar and the donor will meet to discuss Wistar’s research portfolio and learn about the donor’s specific goals and research interests.

Step 2: Selection & Commitment

Donors will be provided descriptions of several research projects that align with their interests, as well as a funding budget, timeline, potential impact report, and research milestone announcements. The donor selects a project and funds are committed to Wistar irrevocably and have a spending term of five years.

Step 3: Engagement

Once the donor selects a project they will be offered specific engagement opportunities, such as a research presentation, lab tour or dinner with project researchers.


For more information about how you can contribute to the Wistar Science Discovery Fund, contact:

Michael Criscuolo, M.A.
Vice President, Development
The Wistar Institute
3601 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104