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Gifts of Stock

A charitable contribution of long-term appreciated securities — i.e. stocks, bonds and/or mutual funds that have realized significant appreciation over time — is one of the most tax-efficient of all ways to give. To make a gift of long-term appreciated securities, follow the instructions below:

Step 1

Contact your broker in writing, letting them know that you wish to give appreciated securities to The Wistar Institute. The Stock Transfer Letter provides information regarding securities donations.

Step 2

Let us know that you have initiated a transfer of securities to the Wistar’s account by contacting Lynn Keily at or 215-898-3943. Provide your name to our staff so that we can give you the proper tax receipt as well as acknowledge your gift.

Step 3

The value of your gift will be calculated by using the mean value of each share on the date the shares arrive in our brokerage account. Our preferred broker is Janney Montgomery.