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Wistar researchers work to accelerate laboratory discoveries into mainstream treatments. Wistar scientists developed life-saving vaccines against rabies, rubella, and more recently rotavirus, the most common cause of infantile and childhood diarrhea and death around the world. All of these advances are made possible by the generous support of individuals like you.

Wistar Science Accelerator Awards

Technologies developed in Wistar laboratories have powerful potential but are typically at a stage of development that is considered not mature enough for commercial investment. In 2016, Wistar established the Wistar Science Accelerator Awards through three generous endowed gifts totaling $5.2 million. The goal of the awards was to provide internal seed funding to bridge the development gap between early-stage research and validated/de-risked technology that attracts high-caliber industry partners. Projects that receive Accelerator Awards receive not only financial but also strategic support to advance a milestone with high potential for translation to improve global health. Awards are competitive and each application is considered by an internal advisory board. Proposals are welcomed from Wistar principal investigators with early-stage research in a range of areas. Each project is evaluated for its overall potential for impact, its development needs, and the commercial prospects on the technology.

Research Areas

Wistar scientists investigate a variety of health problems afflicting humankind. Their work offers fundamental insights into the mechanisms of health and disease while opening avenues toward more effective therapies.

Projects supported through the Accelerator Awards cover a broad range of health conditions in Wistar labs. Some examples (although not all encompassing):

  • Breast Cancer

  • Melanoma

  • Prostate Cancer

  • Leukemia

  • Lymphoma

  • Myeloma

  • Ovarian Cancer

  • Brain Tumors

Viruses & Infectious Diseases
  • Malaria

  • Ebola

  • HIV


  • Influenza

  • Rabies

  • HPV

  • SARS-CoV-2

Contact Us

For more information on the Wistar Science Accelerator Awards and how you can invest in early stage and promising science that otherwise might not be funded, please contact:

Michael Criscuolo, M.A.
Vice President, Development

The Wistar Institute
3601 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104