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Postdoctoral Training Program Highlights

Wistar’s Postdoctoral Training Program prepares trainees in their journey to become independent investigators in academia or the private sector and exposes them to alternative careers in science. The program offers:

  • GRANTS WRITING WORKSHOP, an intensive writing course taught in collaboration by Wistar faculty and offered every year. This course analyzes the main components of a grant and incorporates elements of clear writing for preparing a quality scientific manuscript.

  • CAREER SYMPOSIUM focusing on strategies for success in academia and other career options for biomedical researchers. Five scientists in various “alternative” careers are invited to present their views on keys to success in these career paths.

  • SYMPOSIUM ON GRANT MECHANISMS held in conjunction with the Biomedical Postdoctoral Program at the University of Pennsylvania and offering an overview of the grant mechanisms available for trainees, with a focus on the National Institute of Health (NIH)’s Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service and Pathway to Independence Award (F32 and K99/R00) applications.

  • RESEARCH-IN-PROGRESS SERIES in which trainees present their research to faculty and other trainees in the form of a short talk or a one-day mini-symposium.

  • TRAINING IN THE RESPONSIBLE CONDUCT OF RESEARCH, required for all trainees at the Institute and offered through a seminar/discussion series led by faculty mentors on conflicts of interest and ethical and societal aspects of science.

  • THE WISTAR INSTITUTE DISTINGUISHED LECTURE SERIES with world-class researchers invited to give seminars about their recent findings. This series includes an event led by postdoctoral fellows in which they spend the day interacting with the guest speaker.